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lentil browniesCooking and baking are both ways of having fun, whilst at the same time nourishing yourself and those around you with the healthiest food possible. If you are worried that making cakes will make you fat, simply make them for someone you love! Giving someone a home-made cake is a lovely feeling. Especially when you know what ingredients have gone in. You can choose to stick to a recipe, or you can customize it and get creative to suit your dietary requirements and tastes.


  • cut down on the amount of sugar stated, for instance if it says 200g, try 150g
  • replace the sugar by using raisins instead – which are naturally sweet and contain fibre
  • replace the butter with a vegetable oil such as sunflower oil or olive oil or coconut oil
  • try using wholemeal flour instead – this increases the amount of fibre too
  • often I use gluten-free flour (I am not intolerant, but we already eat so much wheat!)
  • replace some of the flour with mashed banana or mashed sweet potato (this keeps the cake moist)
  • if you don’t want to use flour at all, try blended chickpeas or green lentils


  • instead of adding more salt, fat or sugar for flavour, add herbs!
  • herbs not only make food taste better but they help with digestion too!
  • brown rice, bread and pasta all contain more fibre, which passes straight through you =D
  • try converting from dairy milk to coconut or almond milk, its lower in fat and no cows had to suffer!
  • replace mayonnaise with greek yoghurt in your tuna-mayo, much less fat and more protein



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