Drowning in Data


This poem is not just about digital data, but is a metaphor for the data in our heads, just like we can go in and delete old pictures (and old memories) from our phones, we can also clear out the clutter from our heads and from our lives. Have you ever had a good spring clean at home and let go of old ‘stuff’ you were holding on to? How good does that feel!!! Well its the same when you delete data, you feel lighter and less burdened, and have room for new things in your life.

Jennika Argent

I wake up in the dark, to a small blinking light
My phone waits patiently for the room to get bright

Spam emails by the hundred are waiting in line
all phishing for money and stealing my time

I’ll look at them later, In case I miss something great
It could be that job, or what if it’s my soulmate?

I’m checking for something, but I’m distracted again!
Suddenly I’m on plenty of fish, hunting for men…

A cold call interrupts my momentary gaze
Would I like to put in a claim for that tiny little graze?

How do they know I fell off my bike!
Have they been reading my mails or tapping my mic…?

Why do they persist in hounding me?
This is definitely an invasion of my privacy

I leave the house and delete as I walk
Do you know I barely use this phone to talk

My phone is so congested, with megabytes of memories
It sighs under the weight, of drunken smiles and homogenous selfies

I’ve got to keep deleting, before I get overwhelmed
Dropbox wants to save the data, but it can go to data hell!

Memories are reduced, to a sequence of 1s and 0s
Where does it go once its deleted? I don’t think anyone knows….




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