On Ageing

Age, Beauty, Guidance

ageEmbrace your age!

If you are worried about getting older, just remember that with age comes experience and wisdom. Nothing is more valuable. Have you ever noticed someone getting more beautiful as they get older? This is because they have gradually been learning about themselves and now have a better understanding of what makes them happy and what doesnt work for them. Knowing yourself brings a deep sense of inner peace and confidence. You know what you are able to offer as a person and how valuable you are to those around you.

As we age, we may pick up a few knocks and bruises, we may lose the odd tooth, we may break a few bones, and in western society, when something is broken, we throw it out… that is pure madness! The Japanese have a much nicer way of mending broken things. When they break a pot, they fill the cracks with gold – this highlights the crack – because they beleive that when something has a history, it becomes more beautiful.



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