Eye Contact Experiment


eye-gazing eye meditation eye-contact

I received an invite to ‘the Worlds Biggest Eye Contact Experiment‘ yesterday (which is on 15th October in Trafalgar Square if you would like to attend). Having practiced eye-gazing meditations before, it brought back a memory of how profound an experience it was and how you can have such a profound experience with just one other person, irrespective of where you are. Eye meditations can be done with your partner, your friend or a member of your family… or even, as with the above experiment, a complete stranger.

Discussing this last night with my flatmate, we decided to give it a go. The event suggests just a 1 minute session. My previous sessions had been 10-15 mins long, so I thought 1 minute should be relatively easy going. How wrong was I…..?

Firstly, we sat opposite each other and took a deep breath, decide on which eye to focus on (because you simply cant focus on two eyes at the same time) and then hit start on the timer. As soon as we focused on each others eyes, an automatic smile surfaced, and from that smile we then broke out into fits of laughter, for the whole minute. So we re-set the timer and tried again, only to once again fall about laughing for another minute. After 5 attempts, all ending in giggles, we finally managed to calm down and simply focus on our eyes.

This was a long minute. For the first few seconds, all I saw was the blue of my flatmate’s eye, which was watery from laughter. Then something else happened. The quality of vision changed. My surroundings started to blur, facial features seem to bend and distort and surfaces took on new dimensions. My flatmate appeared to have gone a little transparent and the fabric of reality seemed to shift. There was a communication of energy between us, like unspoken words. I started to see colours around his head, mainly yellow with tinges of greeny blue, moving slowly then across his face. After the minute finished, I explained this to him, whilst still seeing the colours gently pulsating on his face. It then seemed like the most natural thing in the world to keep eye contact, where before it had been so very weird.

I can only ask you to give this experiment a whole-hearted try and find out what you might experience…!