Love Yourself

This blog has been set up in support of the many beautiful women I know, who struggle with self-esteem*, self-acceptance and self-love, myself included. One of my friends recently commented “how can you feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit when you write a blog about loving yourself?” – well it is precisely for this reason that I write it – because I have the experience of NOT loving myself. This blog is here to provide some of the tools and techniques I learned during my own struggle (which is ongoing). But little by little I make progress and slowly my own advice starts to sink in and I find yet new ways of helping myself. I am by no means an expert, but I do have some valuable experience and information, which I can share with you!  We are all here to support and help each other in our journeys, that’s the beauty of friendship.

Each woman is unique and different techniques work for different people, but there is no harm in trying something out if you have never tried it before… exploring new avenues and finding out about yourself is one of the most exciting parts of life!

Your input is greatly welcomed, so if you have something you would like to add, please get in touch.



* So recently I was sent a lovely video on the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion. The video explains that self-esteem is an evaluation or judgment of ourselves as to whether we are worthy, and depends on various factors, including how we look, how much money we have, what job we have, being above-average, being special etc… it also means we basically need to feel ‘better’ than others in order to feel good about ourselves, and so the comparisons begin, and then the putting down of others, and the puffing-up of ourselves (as can be seen on sites like Facebook, where people often showcase their new shoes, their latest selfie, their hot girlfriend etc). Things like money, looks or status are all non-permanent, and relying on them to feel good about ourselves can be dangerous, since these things can be taken away in an instant.

Self-compassion on the other hand, is not about judging yourself, but about being kind to yourself and treating yourself as you would a good friend. Giving yourself the gentle advice and positive encouragement that you would give to a friend in distress. We often speak to ourselves so badly and use words we would never say to a friend. So why say those words to yourself!! Self- compassion is about being your own best friend. Watch the video! Its brilliant. x


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