Here are a few links to get you inspired:

I re-connected with a powerful being recently, when we had a group meditation and dream interpretation evening. She is a voice coach, a healer, a guide, a mentor and an inspiration for all those who connect with her. There are some super meditations on this website, which have lifted my spirit and relieved my tension.

Self Compassion
This website is run by Dr. Kristin Neff and is an absolute gem. The TED talk is brilliant and there are exercises you can do to help you be kind to yourself.

Tiny Buddha
This website has an abundance of articles to cover every problem you will ever have encountered.

Spirit Science
A bit like Tiny Buddha but with lots of cool cartoons and documentaries illustrating the various topics which cover metaphysics, solfeggio, fibonacci, sacred geometry, energy and consciousness.

Glenn Harrold
This man officially saved my sleep! I would fall asleep and then wake up immediately and this would happen maybe 10 times in a row, until I felt exhausted and emotional. I couldn’t even relax enough to sleep! Glenn is a hypnotherapist and I still listen to his audio cds today as a form of relaxation. He also has the Solfeggio app which you can download on your phone. On first hearing his voice, I wasn’t too sure it would work, but on the second go, I only heard the first couple of minutes and I was gone… out like a light!

The Power of Vulnerability
A talk by Brené Brown on the power of vulnerability, dont hide yours, embrace it! Also, dont stop there, TED has 1000s of talks on other topics you might find interesting and useful. Spread the word =D

For Brown Girls
This website is a celebration of the beauty of dark skin, as well as a discussion and sharing of experiences.

Infinite Waters
Ralph Smart has various videos on various topics which he brings out every week to guide and inspire us towards freedom, confidence, happiness and love. The way he speaks and everything he speak about resonates with me deeply. He mentions that he suffered with panic attacks – which is something I have also been through, so I know he is talking from the experience of someone who has been through a hard time in his life and emerged as a better person after the suffering and now has something to pass on and share with others.

Make Love not Porn
As women, we have slightly different expectations of sex than our male counterparts. Sometimes we feel pressure or expectations to perform like a pornstar, when this isnt really what we want. This website helps to clear up the differences between real life sex and porn and should help to empower you with communicating your needs and preferences in order to gain some balance in the bedroom.

Shere Hite
I went to see a talk by this woman and after finding out about her work on female sexuality in the 70s, I became a fan of her bravery to challenge commonly misheld beliefs about the female orgasm, which still exist today.


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